Want To Liven Up Your Parking Lot And Repaint The Stripes For Less? Here's How

Parking lot striping (go to sites like this for further assistance) is almost always the same--the yellow-orange or white stripes indicating the box stalls for customers to put their vehicles. Yet, it does not have to be quite so boring. It also does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. Here are some options on how to create a very different-looking parking lot for less. 

Use Four of the Five Available Colors of Reflective Commercial Paint

You might be quite surprised to learn that reflective commercial paint, like the stuff used to paint parking lot stripes, is available through almost any hardware or home goods store. It comes in five colors:

  • Red
  • Yellow-Orange
  • Blue
  • White
  • Black

It is also sold as spray paint or in traditional, brush-and-roller, five-gallon pails and quarts. While black does not work quite so well on your asphalt-paved parking lot, you could utilize the other four colors to create very distinct and colorful parking stalls on your parking lot. (Additionally, if you have a multi-level parking garage, you can use the paint colors to color-coordinate with each level of the parking garage.) If you have not hired a paving contractor to lay asphalt on your concrete parking lot, then you could use the black paint too.  

Saving Money on the Stripe Repainting

Doing the Job Yourself

If you choose to repaint ALL of your parking lot stripes yourself, you will need a lot of time, paint, four-inch wide brushes (or however wide your current stripes are), and maybe a reusable stripe stencil if you use spray paint or your hand shakes while trying to paint straight lines. You also need cones and rope to cut off sections of the parking lot, one area at a time, while you repaint the stripes and wait for the paint to dry. If this does not sound like an appealing task, create a map of your parking lot and what paint colors you want and where you want them, and hire a paving contractor who can finish the job quicker.

Saving Money When the Job Is Completed by a Paving Contractor

You can still save money painting the stripes when you hire a contractor. If you have already purchased all of the supplies necessary, you really are just paying for the contractor's labor and possibly the use of his asphalt stripe-painting machine. By shaving a little off for all of the supplies and what the contractor might charge to fetch or order those supplies, you could install parking stall bumpers painted in different colors too.