3 Ways to Help Prevent Potholes

Any surface that is covered with asphalt is at risk for becoming ridden with potholes. However, potholes don't have to be an inevitable part of an asphalt-covered surface. There are a number of preventative measures you can take to prevent potholes from forming on your asphalt surface. 

Asphalt Patching

If you notice a small crevice in your asphalt and are afraid that a pothole will form in that area, you can engage in asphalt patching to ensure that a pothole doesn't develop. Quickly patching up troubled spots will ensure that you prevent any water from seeping down below the asphalt's surface, which can lead to more damage. Asphalt patching involves filling the small crevice or hole with an asphalt emulsion mix. If your surface has developed a full-blown pothole, you might have to engage in full-depth patching, which involves completely removing the asphalt, leveling out the soil beneath it, and then re-paving it. 

Crack Sealing

If you notice cracks in your asphalt, they should be sealed and repaired right away before they have time to get worse. Cracks in asphalt are at risk for becoming potholes if left untreated due to the fact that they allow water to get below the surface of the asphalt. Before the asphalt cracks can be sealed, they need to be properly cleaned and have any debris present in the cracks removed to ensure that the asphalt sealant can bind to the cracks. After the cracks have been cleaned, they can be filled with liquid asphalt, which ensures that the liquid asphalt fully penetrates the crack filling it from the bottom to the top of the crack. 


If you have an older asphalt surface, you might want to think about microresurfacing to help prevent moisture and debris from infiltrating your asphalt and causing potholes. During microresurfacing, a mixture of asphalt emulsion, water, small crushed rock, and a mixture of chemicals is poured over existing asphalt. This type of preventative maintenance is best done on surfaces that have very small cracks and small amounts of spots that show distress. This asphalt emulsion mixture seals up any weak spots and ensures that it will be harder for water to penetrate your asphalt. 

If you notice that you do have potholes, you can have them repaired and then stay vigilant with these preventative maintenance tips to ensure that they don't start to crop up on your asphalt surface again.