Maintaining A Skateboard Park's Aspahlt Surface So It Is Safe For Neighborhood Use

If you are involved in the maintenance of recreational activities and equipment at your local park, and you have an area designated for skateboard usage on the property, taking steps to ensure it is safe for those in the neighborhood will be of the utmost importance. There are several steps one would need to do to make sure this area is maintained in an attempt to minimize the risk of injury when people decide to use it. Here are some tips you can use to keep your neighborhood's skateboard park in the best of condition during summer months.

Do Routine Checks Of The Asphalt Surface

It is very important to have someone available to check over the skateboard park regularly to make sure there are no areas where safety is breached. In addition to regular checks during prime usage times, it is a good idea to check over the skate park thoroughly at the end of an off-season will ensure repairs are made before the opening of the area for warmer weather. Snow and ice can cause damage to the asphalt, making it unsafe for use. During checks, clean the asphalt surface thoroughly so debris does not cause damage. This can be done with a pressure washer. A clean surface will make damaged areas more visible as well.

Provide those involved on the recreation board with a proposed schedule for mandatory evaluations of the condition of the skateboard area. Make sure those doing these assessments sign a checklist along with their initials to show the area was properly scoured for spots needing repair or revamping to keep those using the area safe. 

Make Minor Repairs Promptly To Avoid Injury

At the first signs of damage to the asphalt slab, call a paving contractor to come to the rescue to make repairs right away. If you notice spots where cracks or holes are present, it is best to close the skateboard park to the public until the repairs are completed.

If the damage is minor, fill in voids with pieces of crushed gravel and cover them with an asphalt sealing agent. Make sure to apply the sealant smoothly so there are no bumps present which could cause someone's skateboard to roll unevenly. Having an asphalt service put a new layer of asphalt over damaged areas is best. A layer of seal coating will also provide a smooth surface for skateboard usage in addition to improving the aesthetics of the park.

Add Information To The Area Regarding Safety Information

Provide skateboard park users with information near the skate park entrance to inform them of the park rules. Place a sign directly on the exterior fence of the park alerting them of safety tips to follow when using the area. The recreation committee's phone number should be listed on this sign so users can alert authorities of any areas where danger seems imminent regarding the condition of the asphalt floor or ramps in the park.