Tips On Creating Garden Walkways

Instead of shaking your fist at neighborhood kids and yelling at them to get off your lawn, make a path to show them the way. Garden walkways and paths can help create different styles in the yard, from whimsical to formal. Some of these paths are simple, DIY weekend projects while others might require the paving services of a professional (such as those from First Water Contracting LLC). Read on for some ideas.   

Stepping Stones

Large stepping stones provide an easy way to get through wet grass without dirtying shoes or a way to get through a vegetable garden without trampling plants. They create an informal and rustic look, which many gardeners appreciate. This is a simple path that most homeowners can create themselves. Simply purchase large stepping stones from a local home improvement store and place them along a heavily trafficked route in the yard or garden bed. 


Brick paths create a slightly more formal look than stepping stones. The versatile material can create a path that winds through a garden or meanders to a front door. Depending on how the bricks or are placed, herringbone, zig-zag or even spiral patterns can be created within the path.

Upcycled Wood

There are countless ways to use old wood pallets and a garden path is one of them. Simply detach the top boards from the pallet base and place them on the ground along the desired pathway. Leaving spaces between the pieces of wood allows trailing plants to grow, which can create a very natural look. An alternative way to create a wooden path is to use slices from a felled tree. Cut 2- or 3-inch-wide slices from the tree trunk and arrange them along the desired path to create a whimsical, natural look.

Concrete Path

A concrete path is a solid and long-lasting choice and it doesn't have to be boring. Concrete can be stamped and colored to mimic all kinds of different materials, from cobblestone to marble. Even a smooth, traditional concrete path can be dressed up a little if painted with stencils. Try adding a few stenciled flowers on a path that goes through the backyard or stencil the family's initial on a front walkway.

Mosaic Pebbles

A recent upscale trend in landscape design is to create a mosaic pebble walkway. Homeowners should definitely enlist the help of a professional for this one. To create a mosaic pebble walkway, smooth stones are laid in a design using different colors and shapes of pebbles. Some designers place the pebbles in the pattern with the narrow end up so that people walking barefoot along the path get a little foot massage as they walk. With a path like this one, a walk to the garage becomes like a day at the spa!