Answering A Couple Of Questions About Driveway Repair

Your home's driveway can be subjected to extreme conditions over the course of a year. Due to this extreme wear and tear, it is possible for the driveway to suffer a number of problems that can compromise it. For new homeowners, it can be common to have a limited understanding about the steps that should be taken to address some of the more routine driveway issues that can arise. By learning the following couple of questions about driveway problems and their answers, you will find yourself in a better position to care for this feature of your home.

Is Patching The Only Option For Repairing Damage To Your Driveway Surface?

Cracks and potholes can be among the common problems that a driveway might encounter. While patching is often the most effective option for small areas of damage, it may not be efficient when large sections of the driveway have suffered damage. In these instances, you may need to have the driveway resurfaced. During a resurfacing, contractors will remove the first couple of inches of pavement from the driveway before they pour a fresh layer over it. This type of repair can be ideal for driveways that have extensive cracking because it can avoid the need to have numerous areas patched. While patching can inhibit these cracks from worsening, the patches will likely be visible. This aesthetic issue can be avoided through resurfacing.

How Can You Prevent The Soil From Eroding Under Your Driveway?

Soil eroding under the driveway can be a serious threat to the driveway structural integrity. When large amounts of soil erode from under the pavement, it can cause severe cracks, potholes and other problems for the pavement. Fortunately, it is possible for you to make a few simple upgrades to your driveway that can drastically reduce the risk of it encountering this type of damage.

Adding gutters or French drains along the edges of the driveway can be extremely effective at preventing the soil under the pavement from eroding. These drains will allow the water to flow along the sides of the pavement as opposed to under it, which can greatly limit any erosion. However, you will need to make sure that you are keeping these drains clean and clear because they will lose effectiveness if they are allowed to become clogged. While installing these drains can be somewhat expensive, it can help save you from major driveway repairs in the future, which can make it more than worth the expense. Talk to a contractor, like Harris Paving Industries, for more help.