Revitalizing Your Doctor's Office Parking Area

If you are a doctor with your own practice, you most likely go out of your way to accommodate your patients with premiere service including a comfortable setting for them to enjoy when they visit your establishment. The parking area should be equally attended to as this is the first impression customers will have of your practice. Here are some ways you can revamp your current parking lot to make it a bit more friendly to those who use it when coming to their appointments.

Keep The Parking Lot Clean To Avoid Damage To The Blacktop

It is important to have one of your employees do a spot check of your parking area at the end of each work day. At this time, they can collect any refuse left on the surface to throw away so the lot remains attractive. It may be a good idea to provide a waste receptacle in the lot area or near your practice's front door to help keep trash from accumulating. If debris remains in your lot, it may trap moisture underneath, leading to premature wear of your parking lot as a result.

Make Repairs To Any Cracks Or Crevices Promptly

If there is damage noticed in the parking lot, it should be repaired promptly so patients avoid becoming injured due to an unstable walking surface. Large cracks or crevices can also cause damage to vehicle. Patch any damage by filling a void with crushed gravel pieces. Afterward use asphalt cement to seal the gravel inside the crevice when it hardens. If there are several portions with damage, a call can be made to an asphalt paving service to add a new coating of blacktop so all holes are filled in completely.

Set Aside Designated Areas For Specific Groups

Hire a parking lot blacktop service to add parking guidelines to your parking lot if there are none present at the moment. This will give your patients their own designated area for their vehicle, helping to avoid overcrowding or fender benders. Make sure handicapped spots are located close to the entry way and place a sign at the head of each one so customers are aware these spots should be saved for those who cannot walk a long distance to get into the establishment. Doctor's spots can also be reserved if you have others within your practice. This ensures each employee will have a spot waiting for them when they arrive at work.

Consider Adding Foliage And Walkways To Make The Area Attractive

A parking lot can be spruced up with the addition of flowers or shrubbery if desired. If you wish to break up the appearance of a drab, flat lot, a landscaping service can be called to construct small islands of foliage surrounded by cement barriers. Walkways can also be constructed in the lot with the addition of cobblestone or brick so those visiting can follow them directly to your practice's entryway.