Make Your Concrete More Dynamic

If you are building a new home and pouring the concrete for your driveway installation, you shouldn't be afraid to add some style to it. That is, you can do quite a few things to make you concrete look a little nicer. This article explains a few ways that concrete can be altered so it looks a little more homey and residential.

Smoother Concrete options

Many people spend a lot of time walking on their concrete, often barefooted. This is particularly true in their backyard, especially if you have children playing around. One of the best ways to make your concrete a little more comfortable and safer to walk on is to apply burnished finish. A burnished finish will basically smooth out the concrete, reducing the size of the pores. This ultimately means that it is a little shinier, but it doesn't change the color of the concrete.

Glaze Finishes are Protective but Slippery

Another way to add a smoother finish to concrete is to apply a glaze finish on top of it. That is, after the traditional cement is poured and dry, a glaze can be added on top of the concrete. The glaze will waterproof the concrete and make it a little shiny. Unfortunately, it will also make it a little more slippery when it gets wet. So, you need to be aware of this if you live somewhere especially rainy or if you have a sloped surface that you will be walking on.

Colored Finishes are Fun

Many homeowners also want to add some color to make the concrete to make it a little more stylish and match with other elements on the property. For instance, you could probably dye your concrete the same color as the walls or fences on your home. There are colored concrete products that are the most convenient. The actual concrete powder is tinted. There are also tints and dyes that can be added to the concrete after it is poured and dried. Many homeowners even apply their own tinted finishes because it is a very easy DIY project.

Even a subtle tint will definitely make your concrete stand out, and make it look a little less industrial. As you can see, there are quite a few ways to make your concrete look more dynamic. Homeowners need to think about these details when it comes to maximizing the curb appeal of their home.